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terry towel

'Love, it`s summer'

The bath towel collection contains three different designs: Play – the active holiday-maker, Puls – the everyday swimmer and Zen – the person, looking for silence. Three towels, something for everyone or something for every part of you.

The bath towel line was supported by the Ikea foundation Switzerland.

The towel has a manageable size of 75 cm x 145 cm, fits in every backpack and is still big enough for a grown up person to lay down and relax.


Play – your bath companion

Somersault, salt and sunshine.

PLAY Vorderseite

PLAY Hinterseite

Puls red blue – your bath companion

The morning jump into the wet water.

PULS rot-blau Vorderseite

PULS rot-blau Hinterseite

Puls red yellow – your bath companion

The morning jump into the wet water.

PULS rot-gelb Vorderseite

PULS rot-gelb Hinterseite

Zen – your bath companion

Relaxed on the sun warmed cliff.

ZEN Vorderseite

ZEN Hinterseite

shower curtain

future island – a shower experience

The shower curtain collection «future island» contains the three curtains summa, zoom and pure. You can buy them in our online shop.

Summa – I spy with my little eye.

Summa - I spy with my little eye. Summa is the garden in the collection: flying spaces, tiles and plants. Go for a walk on the wondrous island and return home clean and relaxed.

Pure – I am simple.

Pure – I am simple. The shower curtain pure is part of the collection “future island”. It is the least obvious design in the line and surprises by its captivate effect.

Zoom – it draws me towards you.

Zoom – it draws me towards you. Zoom is a curtain from the collection “future island” with its shimmering layout it transforms your bath into a fresh and harmonious oasis.

Viva la doccia - a shower experience

The shower curtain collection "viva la doccia" contains three designs: Montan, Neptun and Garten Eden. With the shower curtains of kollektiv vier, the norms of everyday life end in adventure.

The development of the shower curtain line - viva la doccia - was supported by the Ikea foundation Switzerland.

available in the online shop

shower curtain «Montan»


I'm standing on a cliff. Through the binoculars I observe a group of chamois. In the distance I hear the sound of a waterfall, around me are monumental rocks. I hear frogs croaking, see stones and branches, a shepherd, a slope. Around me is nature and I'm brushing my teeth.

Duschvorhang «Neptun»


Seaweed is tickling my nose. I drift through enchanted flowers and fish, towards a clearing. Mr. Underwater welcomes me and leads me in the right direction. I sit down and scrub myself with sea salt. I come up to the surface. My hair is blowing in the wind of the hair-dryer. Freshly showered, I am ready for the evening.

Duschvorhang «Garten Eden»

Garten Eden

The alarm clock is ringing. I get up, I am under the shower: water, warm, wet. The call of an owl. My head and my body is awakening. I am in the middle of a jungle. Curtain up, I get out of the bathtub. A wet leaf touches my shoulder. The bathroom is full of steam, I dry myself and glance back astonished at the world I have just discovered.



For the Landesmuseum Zurich we created the foulard "Helvetia". The foulard is made out of 100% silk, printed in Italy and hand-rolled in Weissbad (AI), Switzerland. It has the standard foulard - measurements of 90 cm x 90 cm.


The different wallpaper designs can be ordered per square meter. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the design, quality or if you prefer to order an individual design.

Collection GATSBY

Gold rush - sprouting leaves – do you miss me in Chicago? – when morality was more relaxed. A collection inspired by the movie 'the great Gatsby'.

Collection MoBiLe

High above us, we drift away and dive deeper. Leaves, circles, squares. Shapes and colours are turning around us. Fast and slow. A line, a cube - the space.